Plastic engineering solution.

SATTO is an easily mixed compound that allows aircraft interior plastics to be repaired quickly, simply and cost-effectively.

Whatever the damage to the plastic cracks, crushes, holes or even completely sheared. As long as the damage is less than 1ft2, then it can be repaired with SATTO. Why throw it away, when you can simply repair it? It'll look as good as new.

Repairs carried out using SATTO are fast, ultra-strong and long lasting. Following our clear instructions, repairs can be carried out on-wing or in a workshop — no need for specialised tools or lengthy technician training.

SATTO has passed smoke and toxicity testing, and lap and shear tests. Engineering Orders available. MSDS and Instruction sheets are also supplied.

SATTO Repairs

Easy to Use

SATTO® is easy to prepare and apply.

SATTO now comes in easy to use clip bags. Research shows us the bags are easier and more effective to use than the previous bottle system. By removing the clip just shake the bag to mix the product to be ready for use. This now removes the need to have two bottles and a mixing pot which increases usage time and greatly reduces wastage. Each bag contains 30g of SATTO which will easily repair three tray tables. SATTO comes in boxes of 15 clip bags per box.

Painting too complicated? Order colour-match SATTO®. We can colour match your SATTO® to any Pantone colour of your choice.

To carry out more complicated repairs such as missing tabs, clips and edges: Order our moulding kit OHYA-13-1. Make a mould from an undamaged part. Then, using the mould with the damaged part, mix and apply SATTO®.

Some repairs may require use of a doubler. We recommend using Kydex and can supply this if required.

For all enquiries of SATTO as a service please contact Cabinair Service.

How does it work?

SATTO® is not glue, it's a bond

SATTO is a result of many years of experience working within the aircraft interiors industry. Detailed understanding of the chemicals involved and the processes of their interactions with monolithic compounds has resulted in the best aircraft plastic repair system on the market today SATTO.

SATTO is not glue it s a bond. It has been developed specifically to fill and bond monolithic non-structural plastic aircraft parts. SATTO creates a strong, chemical bond absorbing into the substrate, becoming part of the substrate itself and creating a layer between the surfaces of the plastic that binds them together.

By designing SATTO with an extended (30 minutes) curing time, any air pockets in the solution dissipate, allowing even greater permeation into the substrate, giving the bond even greater strength.

Still not convinced? Send us a damaged part and we will return it to you fully repaired and looking as good as new. Contact us for more details.

Conditions apply.

Who uses SATTO?

  • SATTO for Airlines

    It is widely acknowledged that in-service maintenance of passenger seats and cabin interiors is a significant cost for every airline. Replacing in-cabin plastics components, in particular, is often time consuming as well as costly. In a Boeing presentation at the Innovative Aircraft Seating Exhibition Lead Engineer Stephen Phillips states:

    “.... a 10% reduction in seat maintenance is the equivalent of reducing total airframe maintenance by 0.8%”

    We hold an Engineering Order but we understand that, as an Airline, you may want your own DOA to prepare a corporate Engineering Order. We can assist your DOA in generating your own Engineering Order for the use of SATTO®.
    Contact us for more details.

    Your Quality Manager will be delighted at this comprehensive approach. Burns testing, shear tests, training documentation and MSDS sheets are all available for easy download. And see our online SATTO® training video to discover just how simple to use and effective this remarkable product is.

    SATTO® is already different from other products in that it creates an ‘invisible bond’. Now it also comes with easy colour matching — we supply it ready mixed in the Pantone colour of your cabin interior plastics, making it even easier for your technicians to carry out effective repairs ‘on-wing’.

    In summary, SATTO® is both easy to use and very effective. No need to keep a stock of replacement plastic parts; no lengthy lead times waiting for urgent parts to be delivered and, most importantly, a reduction in cabin maintenance expenditure by up to 60%.

  • SATTO for MRO's

    If you’re a maintenance repair organisation — SATTO is the answer to many of your problems. You can repair damaged in-cabin plastics simply, effectively and invisibly in your own workshops. This increases workshop capability, reduces the stocks of replacement parts needed and saves time, because there are no delays waiting for out-of-stock replacement parts to be delivered.

    By repairing parts instead of replacing, you are turning high cost consumables into low cost rotables!

    You benefit from improved cash flow, more effective and profitable use of workshop staff and less capital tied up in ‘just-in-case’ stocks. Your customers benefit from faster turnaround and lower refurbishment costs for in-cabin plastics. And the environment benefits from reduced plastic waste and logistics expenditure!

    We hold an Engineering Order backing up the use of SATTO on aircraft plastics. Simply get in touch with us and we will arrange for a bespoke Order to be sent to you authorising SATTO repairs on the aircraft you are working on.

  • SATTO for Commercial uses

    SATTO is becoming increasingly popular in the commercial sectors. Automotive and public transport companies are finding SATTO to be the perfect solution to plastics repair. Car bumpers, spoilers, train interiors, motorcycles and even shipping companies are benefitting by repairing parts instead of throwing them away. The increased focus on carbon reduction means that more companies are looking for an environmentally friendly answer to replacing damaged plastics.

    They have found it in SATTO.

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Two parts mixed together to create a solution that cures in less than 30 minutes.

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